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Niels Lynge's hous

Niels Lynges house is open for the public by appointment.

Niels Lynges house by Gertrud Raskvej 24, is a time typical selfbuilt house, built in 1950. It was owned by the priest Niels Lynge, who also was a well know painter and poet. The house is still shaped and decorated the same as when Niels Lynge and his family lived there. Visiting the house will id like entering a private home in 1950'ies and a few year forward.

It is unusual and beautiful to experience Niels Lynges house. The livingroom and the kitchen gives a retrospektiv look, which brings the guest in to a memory lane, to childhood or teenage years.

The house was big to its time. There were room for the Pastor Niels Lynge (1880-1965), his second wife Karoline (1906-1989), and their two youngest daughters.

The time hast past with a long life in the service of the Church in south and central Greenland as a priest and forerunner of variuous organizations.

Niels Lynges house opened for the public in 1995.

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