The permanent exhibition

The museum focuses on communicating from the 50'ies and onwards, a time when Nuuk seriously became the capital city of Greenland. The exhibition room is organized in a way that brings a certain mood, with items from the good old days, which brings recognition and remembrance, especially with the elder visitors.

Current exhibitions:

"In My Backyard"

"In My Backyard" is an exploration of the urban beauty of Greenland's capital, Nuuk, as experienced by ten of its best photographers. Challenged to showcase the area within 300m of their home, the result is a very personal look at many of the different neighbourhoods that make up the small city. 
Aside from the specified distance from their front door, there were no other instructions given. Each photographer interpreted the themes as they wished, and selected 5 images to represent their backyard. A brief explanation for their choices accompanies each set of images. 
The works are by five Greenlandic photographers and five international photographers who have come to call Nuuk their home. We all encourage you to take this idea and document your own backyard - exploring and paying attention to what you love about it and the small details that make the space an important part of your home. 
Lisa Germany is the creative inspiration and director behind the "In My Backyard" exhibition.

03/10 2021 - 31/1 2022

"Hans Egede"

The year 2021 marks the 300th anniversary of the Danish-Norwegian priest Hans Egede's arrival in Greenland. In 1728, seven years after his arrival, he built the colony of Godthåb and thus founded present-day Nuuk.
Today, there is a division of perspectives regarding Egede's legacy - is he 'the apostle of Greenland' or does he represent the colonization of Greenland? In the summer of 2020, red paint was daubed on the statue of Egede in Nuuk along with the word 'decolonize'. A few days later, the statue of Egede in Copenhagen was painted over as well. Sermersooq municipality, who is responsible for the statue in Nuuk, held an online vote to determine the future of the statue. The majority voted to keep the statue at its prominent place in the Colonial Habour. Furthermore, the municipality chose to cancel the planned celebration of Egede's arrival in Greenland. In this way, Hans Egede continues to be controversial to this very day.
The exhibition "Hans Egede" explores and challenges our understanding of the man who is an unavoidable part of the history of Greenland. 

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